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I am planning to do an upgrade of MythTV soon and playing with the latest Fedora 14 before I break every thing. I have a spare computer at the moment to play with, but thought I would take a moment to list the computers running around here now for reference. I will be referring to several of them in the next few posts. They aren’t all that special, but I will detail the highlights.
Starting where internet comes in:

  • Smoothwall Box

Old Compaq DeskPro P2 POS (not “point of sale!!”)
Not sure what is in it, but it keeps on working, so I don’t want to touch it!
Running SmoothWall 3 with DSL modem in passive mode.

  • Shop Box

P4 2.66GHz Win XP (yes, I still need XP for stuff)
MB HP? salvaged from trash.

  • CNC Box

AMD ?? Unbuntu and EMC a few versions old.
Again, not broke, don’t want to mess with it!
Also dual boots Puppy Linux 4.31
It has pull out drives, so there is also one with XP and an older demo of MACH 3

  • Main Box

P4 2.66GHz Fedora 11
Another dumpster find now with 160G and 500G HD’s
General use machine and stores videos.

  • Wife’s Laptop

Gatway P4HT 3.00GHz
She needs XP for shcool, but I snuck in multi-booting F12, and Puppy!

  • MythTV Server Box

Dell P4HT 3.00GHz
80G, 160G, and 500G Drives
GeForce 8400GS to RCA 60″ DLP connected on DVI
Hauppauge 350 and 250 tuners
Fedora 12 and MythTV back end and main front end
Medion X10 RF remote and home brew serial IR blaster

  • Bedroom MythTV Box

Medion P4HT 3.00GHz
GeForce 4MX to Olivia 30″ LCD on DVI and modulator to old TV
Home brew serial transceiver
Fedora 12 and MythTV front end

  • Other:

HP Celleron old main desktop XP and Puppy
HP AMD XP 3000+ current testing box
ProGear touch screen “toy” Puppy 2.14
Dell P3 laptop XP and Puppy
Stack of old P2 and P3 over my head for use in prototypes.

The funny thing is I think my Droid 2 may be more powerful than some of my computers!

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