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Now that I got the last post off my chest, I will finally give some updates on what I have been doing.
I will touch on a bunch of stuff here, and give more detailed posts on some later, mostly so I can use this to assemble my thoughts. I will try and be as chronological as I can remember.
-Added a page on the controller used in the rain barrel. (CRAP!!! I just found out it is missing!!! Glitch in PPLOG.* Thank goodness for Google cache.)
-Started designing guitar effects pedals with another guy and going to start selling them. http://www.tonalinsanity.com
-Did a bunch of updates to my CNC machine. Updated LinuxCNC (formerly EMC2) and added a camera.
-Repaired an OMIS II digital comparer. Sorta cool.

-Replaced CV joint and u-joints on my Explorer drive shafts and rebuilt transfer case. Still have a vibration.
-Came up with a new way to make PC boards using the CNC.
-Made a simple (CNC controlled!) spin coater. (for making the PC boards)
-Using the CNC and some neat scripts to do engraving on the effect pedal cases and PC boards.
-Found an Apple Studio Display LCD in the trash and got it working with a DIY adapter.
-Been playing with CentOS and Scientific Linux as alternatives to Fedora. Mainly for MythTV.
-Got a few used computers and did some transplanting and need to update my list of computers.
-Re-wrote the scripts I use for PCB’s. Will probably get their own page soon.
-Tons of little things while trying to keep Zoe (now 2!) out of trouble all day! Part of the reason the blog is not updated very often.

Major projects I plan on doing:
-Fix wife’s Saturn (broken timing chain) or her folks van (broken band in trans) she WAS driving while waiting on the Saturn.
-Restart work on the Rain Barrel before spring gets here. Want to have something complete to offer others (sell?) this year.
-Get more serious about the effect pedals.
-Improving my solar pool heater this summer.
-Keeping Zoe out of trouble!!
-*Look for a new blog program. I like PPLOG, it is simple and different, but I think I am trying to make it do to many things and starting to extend it to far and break it. (added BBcodes, CAPCHA, and other tweeks) Been so long since I messed with it I hate to dig into it again. Perl is not my first language and don’t feel like relearning all over again. We’ll see.

Now to see how many more post I can do and if any of the projects get done!

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