Under Slab Vent Repair

While remodeling my bathroom I discovered a problem I suspect many face – a rusted out HVAC vent that runs under the slab.Now in a house with a basement or crawl space this would not be a big deal to repair. Accually it would probably never happen! I my case though, the vent is basically buried in dirt and in addition to being right next to the tub (and being flooded a few times I suspect) it rusted completely away.
Rusty Vent Dirt Vent HoleThis probably explains where the occasional ant would come from every spring.The sheet metal was completely rotten, the only pieces left are the seams that were imbedded in the concrete. You can see the bottom is just sand, gravel and dirt. the Pipe it was connected to was rusty as well, but still had enough integrity to be OK (thank goodness!!)

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