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Now that I got the last post off my chest, I will finally give some updates on what I have been doing.
I will touch on a bunch of stuff here, and give more detailed posts on some later, mostly so I can use this to assemble my thoughts. I will try and be as chronological as I can remember.
-Added a page on the controller used in the rain barrel. (CRAP!!! I just found out it is missing!!! Glitch in PPLOG.* Thank goodness for Google cache.)
-Started designing guitar effects pedals with another guy and going to start selling them. http://www.tonalinsanity.com
-Did a bunch of updates to my CNC machine. Updated LinuxCNC (formerly EMC2) and added a camera.
-Repaired an OMIS II digital comparer. Sorta cool.

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Been even longer!

I finally added some information about my rain barrel system to the main page. It is only the beginning.
Automatic Rain Barrel
Have had a lot going on. Had a big job. Installed new floor. Remodelling kitchen. Wife threw the timing chain on her car. Big snow storm. And of course, Zoe!
Big job was building enclosures for 6 large LCD projectors used in the Sachs 5th Ave. Christmas display. They sat on a 5th floor roof and projected onto the whole side of Sachs store on 5th Ave. in New York. They not only had to protect the $100,000+ each projectors, but had to keep them between 50 and 100 degrees in the middle of winter, AND fit through a 30″x30″ window. Oh yeah, the 3 aluminium cases had to be done and tested in 4 weeks.
Finished installing new flooring in the kitchen to match the rest of the house before starting to replace all the cabinets. I am completely redesigning the kitchen as well.
The wife’s Saturn’s timing chain slipped about 6 teeth so it is torn down waiting to get the head checked and order new parts. Aside from new timing set, ($140) it will need head gasket set ($120) and new torque to yield head bolts.($80)
Then there was the great storm of 2011 with 18″ of snow to bring everything to a halt. I am scared to dig out and open the Saturn’s hood to see what blew in.
Zoe is doing great. Got 4 teeth and going to walk and talk any day.

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Been a while…

..since I added anything here. Been busy. I am watching my baby girl, Zoe, full time now. Quite an adventure. Got another free pool that I am grafting on to the first one. Updated MythTV and it’s computer. Moved my shop into my garage. Finally did some redesign on the rain barrel. Bunch of landscaping. And too many other small projects to list.
I will be expanding on these things soon in the next few posts individually.
Just thought I would let anyone who actually reads this know I am still alive!

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Rain barrel note

You might have noticed on my main page a note about a rain barrel system. I have to go back and take pictures of each component and put it together. The problem is it is summer and all kinds of other projects have came first (see next posts), and now planning for a wedding to.Here is a quick sneak peek at it and see if you can guess what makes it special.


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