Boardtools v0.8 (FINALLY!)

I have finally gotten around to cleaning up the script I use to generate gcode from Kicad and engraving files. (Since someone finally commented on it and asked for the new version)
I have completely re-written it and added a bunch of new settings. It is now one huge script instead of several smaller ones and has grown nearly 3 time the size (over 3600 lines!)
There is a quick README and crude INSTRUCTIONS included to help explain the changes and how it works.
It is not fully tested by any means, I still keep finding, changing, and correcting things, but I ‘think’ it is user friendly enough for others to find useful.
Many of the changes and setting were done so it would work with the new mill I have and are a bit specific to it, but they may be useful in other ways as well and generally made it more flexible and capable.
If you are one of the silent few who used the first version, your config files will probably not work as there are new setting that will be missing and a few renamed. You can open them in a text editor and figure out what your old settings were.
There are a lot of things it can do that I haven’t documented well, but the basic instructions should get you going. If one of the settings is not clear, please ask and I will try to explain what it is for. Some may simply not make sense for your application.
Please, if you give it a try and find it useful, or not, or find a bug, PLEASE let me know. If it is a ‘bug’ and not a ‘feature’ :) I may try and fix it. If you have a reasonable request I think would be useful, I may try to add it in. I wrote this for my own use, and it does what I want, but you may think of something I would like it to do in the future.

Download: boardtools-08.tar.gz

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