Forklift controller

This entry should pull together all the things in my web site name.Bunch of electronics, code, and some machining to make it fit.
I have a 30+ year old fork lift at my shop that died. It was basically given to us to use for storing it by someone who got it for free.

It was broke when we got it and I got it working whit the original electronics. It has a blown transistor and huge diode that I replaced and it worked for about a year until it finally gave up. The main power section was made up of 16 large PNP transistors (they actually had International Harvester part numbers on them, didn’t know they did electronics!) and all of them were dead along with the 16 low ohm high wattage resisters that tied all the sections together and acted as fuses.
Partial picture:

I started looking for replacements and found them at NTE for over $20 each and the resisters were no longer available. So rather than patching it back together for over $300, I decided to design my own.

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